Friday, May 15, 2009

Castle Roogna by Piers Anthony

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"Castle Roogna" continues the Xanth story by Piers Anthony. In this book our old friends Bink and Chameleon are off on more adventures, but this time we don't join them. No, it's time we got to know Dor, their son who is now 12 year old. With parents like his, it's no wonder that Dor is a full fledged magician, but he still has a lot to learn before he truly understands his power.

Dor has a special relationship with King Trent, after all, there are very few magicians in Xanth, and therefore very few people who can truly relate to Dor. Despite his busy schedule King Trent always does his best to make time to give Dor council, especially because he knows that Dor's father is often gone on his business. 

At 12 years old, Dor stands at the door to manhood. It's time for him to truly begin to grow up, and that's placed him in a difficult position. You see, his care giver's talent is sex appeal, and he's old enough that it's starting to affect him. Dor is torn by his growing attraction to Millie, and the knowledge that Millie loves the zombie Jonathan. 

Seeing Dor's plight King Trent sends him on a mission 800 years in the past. This both gives Dor a chance to get away from Millie, and to do something for her. See magical talents do not repeat in Xanth, and 800 years ago there was a magician known as the Zombie Master. King Trent sends Dor to request an elixir from the Zombie Master that will cure Millie's love, Jonathan, and return him to life. Along the way Dor will learn a lot about what maturity really is. 

As always, I love the twists and turns that Piers Anthony puts in this book! 

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