Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Evil Twin is AWESOME!

Yes, that's right, I said Evil Twin! She's not really my twin, in fact we're not even related, but since when have I ever let a little thing like that get in my way? Pffft. Actually, in the interests of full disclosure here I should mention that I am also her evil twin. "Huh?" your thinking, "how does that work?" Quite simply my friend, neither of us is well enough behaved to be the good twin...

Anyway, I love this girl dearly, and we truly are often mistaken for sisters! Last Friday there was a girls night that I had to miss because I had a migraine, so what did my dear evil twin do? She saved me a piece of pie and brought it over tonight! Doesn't it look yummy? It's Strawberry Rhubarb :D

On a different note...I've been trying to take more pictures of late. I tend to only get pictures of my jewelry or major events, and I'm tired of that. I admire the people who take tons and tons of photos of their life, and so I'm challenging myself to take more! I had this bright idea that I'd try to take a photo a day. Um. Yeah right. There are days where, with my health problems, that's just not going to happen. Not to mention this is one habit that's really going to take time for me to build! So instead I'm simply trying to take them as often as I can. I kinda sucked in January, and this is my first photo this month, but hey, it's a start!

I'll be uploading my photos to Flickr and occasionally sharing them with you. If you want to check out my few January Pics - go here. And if you want to keep up with my February photos those are going to be here. Hopefully I'll be more consistent this month than I was last month! Oh yes, and I by no means claim to be a photographer, don't expect stellar photos here people!


BeadedTail said...

Mmmm, strawberry rhubarb pie! Your twin may be evil but she's got great taste! Can't wait to see your photos you will be taking this month too! I take at least a photo a day so my camera is always within reach. I think I actually took about 20 photos today but I may be a little extreme!

TiLT said...

yippee - pictures! I need to do more non-craft related pics too - thanks for the reminder

Anonymous said...

I thought that there was something you'd been hiding! You just want to taunt us with a friend who makes and delivers pie. How "evil" is that?

My camera is just about attached to my body and has been since I was 10 years young and received my first camera for my birthday.

I sorta miss the photo album routine, but what can be better than someone who loves photography being able to bring lifes aspects to the masses?

Keep up the good work!

Memories for Life said...

I think you need to update her to Good Twin for the day :) That pie looks great!

Deanna Lack said...

Is that evil pie? :)