Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aria's Quest - The Counsel's Decision

Sorry this is late getting out this week! I'll try to be "on-time" next week :) Hopefully I'll be feeling better too! If you missed the first part of the series go here. And if you like the art work make sure you check out :)

Section 1
The Beginning
Part 2
The Counsel's Decision

Eiowinn sighed softly, shifting in her chair a little to try to relieve some of the pressure on her aching bones. Lately she’d begun to really dread these counsel meetings with their seemingly endless discussions! Ok, to be honest, she’d never really enjoyed the meetings, but the older she got the more annoying they seemed to be. Well this one had gone on long enough; it was time for her to hurry things along a bit.

When Eiowinn raised her hand the chamber quickly fell into a hush. She was the oldest and most respected of the counsel members, and everyone knew that it was best to listen when she chose to contribute to the discussions. So mouths closed and those anxious to jump in with their point had to contain themselves.

“Friends, I don’t know why this discussion has grown so heated. I spoke with the girl, Aria, myself earlier today. She is ready and eager to go on her quest. Indeed, in many ways she has already begun to quest, she thirsts for knowledge, and asks questions at every chance she can. Yes, she is young, but we have sent fairies even younger on their quests before. Age has never been as important a consideration as preparedness.

“As to your other point, yes Dahlia is older and many think we should simply follow the birth order and present her with the gem. Dahlia, while competent in everything she does, does not yet have the drive and fire that is necessary to complete the mission. She is too content to cook, clean, and care for children. All good things, but it is a very narrow focus. By sending out her sister before her we will cause her to question. Dahlia will try to figure out why she was passed over, and strive to convince the counsel she is worthy to go out when Aria returns. I believe this will give her the fire she needs and open her eyes. Yes, we run the risk of creating bitterness in her heart, but if we watch her closely, and subtly provide counsel, I believe that can be avoided.

“So now, my friends, I ask that we stop this endless debate and put the disbursement of this first gem to a vote right now. We still have two more gems to discuss, and the day grows long already.”