Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forests of the Heart by Charles de Lint

Have I mentioned before that Charles de Lint is one of my favorite authors? I'm sure I have. I seem to be on a de Lint run right now, but I don't think I would have noticed how much I'm reading his work if I wasn't doing these book reviews! Ah well, their good books, and maybe I'll get someone else addicted right?

In "Forests of the Heart" we meet Bettina, a young woman who's part Indian, part Mexican, and who was raised to have a close connection to the magic of this world. We also meet Ellie, a young woman who has a powerful connection to magic, but is unaware of it. Their life paths cross as they both are faced with the Gentry (some vengeful Irish spirits) and what they are about to unleash on the world.

There are many other wonderful characters in this book and you'll find yourself caught up in the twists and turns of this fast paced story!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I haven't read this Author so I am gonna check this book out. I like your musings!

Read I have not but pick up a book I will!
Lady Yoda..
May the Force be with you and if you have some spare send me some, I am short lol.

uniquecommodities said...

You are the busiest woman EVER!