Saturday, January 3, 2009

Goal For It

A friend of mine introduced me to the site Goal For It when she wrote about it in her blog. Since I've been thinking about my goals recently (see my last post) I jumped at the chance to look at this site! Goal For It is a site designed to help you set out, track, and find the motivation to reach your goals.

I found this site really easy to use. The sign up process is quick and painless, and they don't ask for too much information. Once your signed up - it's quick and easy to set up your goals! One of the things I really liked with the way you set up your goals is that it has you set your goals under different categories. Mine currently fall under Arts and Entertainment, Career and Employment: Small Business, and Home.

The biggest draw back I saw was that you can't really write goals and sub-goals. You write the main goal, and then go in and fill out your steps to achieve those goals. That works great, but if you have sub-levels to those steps you can't really fill them in with out getting creative.

Some other great features are; that you can pick a deadline for your goal, it gives you the option to be sent reminders (and the frequency of those), the option of who your goals are visible too, and you get to check off each step as it's done!

I plan on utilizing this site as I set out up my to-do lists for the week. I have a notebook that I use to track my to-do lists, and I'd been toying with the idea of sitting down once a week to do the initial set-up for each week. Well, this kind of gives me the motivation to do so! I'll sit down with my goals open on-line in front of me and figure out how I can work them into my week.

Want to see my profile and goals? You can search for me under roseworksjewelry or simply follow this link. If you sign up for the web-site, feel free to add me as a friend!

I'll update you in a month on how I'm doing :)


Memories for Life said...

What a great idea :) Here's to a successful new year and many goals checked off the list!

BeadedTail said...

What a cool site! Technology is amazing and now it's even helping us get to our goals! Incredible! Off to check it out...

TiLT said...

Great minds think alike...I also read her post & was going to head over there too :) We are such a smart group of etsians :)