Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dead Body Language by Penny Warner

"Dead Body Language" is the first book in the Connor Westphal Mysteries. I found this book as a result of one of the many book blogs I read, and I wish I remember which one recommended it so I could link back to it! Oh well, it was a good recommendation.

Mystery you say? Yes mystery, I know most of my reviews tend to be about fantasy or sci-fi, but I read other genres as well! I love a good mystery, but I tend not to read them as often because there are way to many poorly written mysteries out there, formulaic and way to easy to solve ahead of time!

This was one of the good ones. It has a twist in that the main character, Connor Westphal, is mostly deaf. This leads to all sorts of interesting complications that most people don't face. I've always been fascinated by the deaf community, so I loved that particular twist!

Connor is not actually a detective, she's a newspaper owner, but her keen investigative mind leads her to conclusions that the local police sometimes miss. In this book she's investigating the death of a woman who had put a mysterious ad in her paper, and then died the next day. Before long we have more dead bodies, missing jewelry, and Connors managed to get her self in a world of trouble! How does it all work out? You'll have to read the book to find out!


BeadedTail said...

This sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing!

pussreboots said...

ooh I love this series. I started reading the series in the middle but I have the earlier books to read. They're on my TBR pile. Since you liked this book you will like the Cat Who series. They are similar in tone.

storybeader said...

looks fun! cute cover to the book!

Stephanie said...

While the book sounds good based on your review, I still do not know if I will read it as it just doesn't jump out at me :) Do you know what I mean?

Hava said...

Ruthie, I just wanted to stop on by your blog and say hi. *waving* I also wanted to tell you that you made my Top Ten Coolest People You'll Ever Meet list, so be sure to check that out. ;-)

Have a wonderful day!