Monday, March 8, 2010

Writing ADD #9

I actually have good news to report! I didn't meet my goals this last week, but I did REALLY good considering my best friend was in town for the week and I spent most of last week either spending time with her or recovering from the energy spent while spending time with her!

What does that mean? Well I didn't get any of the writing done on Aria's Quest or my Water story...but I did get 6 book reviews written! One out of three goals is at least something right? And I've already worked on Aria's Quest this morning, so all I need to do is some editing tomorrow and it WILL be published. The other good news is that, between one thing or another, I managed to write more words this last week than I have since January! I keep a spreadsheet of what I accomplish each week and that was really exciting to see.

Goals/Plans for this week:
1. Keep working on catching up on book reviews (I have 10 books sitting on the floor behind me).
2. Publish Aria's Quest. Write the segment for next week.
3. Work on my Water story.

Do you have any writing goals for this week?

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