Friday, March 19, 2010

Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

"Hunting Ground" is the second in the "Alpha and Omega" series by Patrica Briggs, a companion series to the "Mercy Thompson" novels that I've also written about. In the previous book we met Anna Latham, a rare Omega werewolf, and Charlas Cornick's new mate. Life could be rather tumultuous as they explored their new mate bond, but they did eventually begin to settle into their new life, of course having to kill off that evil witch didn't make things any easier on them.

Married life just isn't destined to be easy for Anna and Charles. Charles is the son of the Marrock, the lead Werewolf of North America, and more than that, he's his father's assassin and enforcer. This has meant that Charles has always kept to himself not wanting to have any weaknesses that anyone else could exploit. Having a mate brings a totally new dimension to his world that this ancient werewolf doesn't quite know how to deal with, but he is working hard to process!

To further complicate matters, Alpha's from all over the world are coming together to discuss the Marrock's plan to reveal the Werewolves existence to the general public. Emotions are running high, and Charles and Anna have gone to the meeting in the Marrock's stead. Unfortunately someone in Seattle has decided to kill Anna.

Meanwhile Anna is still exploring what it means to be an Omega. There are many Omega's in the human population, but it's so rare that they are turned, that it's hard for her to find information on what she can do. One advantage of the conference is that she gets to meet another Omega. He knows even less than she, but just the process of talking to another of her kind helps to broaden their understanding of who they are.

Oh and did I mention there's a nasty fae mixed up in all of this?


TiLT said...

those pesky nasty faes :P Love this series :)

Unknown said...

I'm not a werewolf/vampire fan, but I am a fellow etsyblogger who writes book reviews on my blog!