Monday, March 22, 2010

Writing ADD #11

I'm so happy! Last week was a really good week - I got a lot done and felt good the vast majority of the week! That translates to the most writing I've gotten done since the beginning of January! Here's the report...

Week's Total:
Book Reviews: 4
Aria's Quest: 1 section
Letter's Home 1: In progress
Poem (ballad): finished
Total Words: 2546

The only thing I'm really disappointed in myself about at all is that I wrote a section for Aria's Quest - but never edited it or published it. Oh well, it'll go up tomorrow.

The "Letter's Home" is something that I'm doing for fun with our D&D group. I'm going to be writing regular letters home to "my mum" from my character Illia. They will talk about what's been happening in the game, and maybe have a few amusing extras. Ya never know! Since it's an online game, things move pretty slowly (because were dependent on people having a chance to log in) so I don't know how often I'll write them. But whenever I finish and publish one on our D&D blog I'll let you know in my weekly ADD post :)

The poem/ballad was something I wrote up spur of the moment for our D&D game. So it's not polished or anything, but I'll share it with you anyway :)

"Ariella was a farmers daughter,
Full of laughter, full of grace,
She was the light of her Papa's eye,
And her Mama's dearest friend.

Everyone loved the farmer's daughter,
Every teacher, clerk, and stranger,
And every boy would stare after her
Hoping she'd smile for them.

Till one day the farmer's daughter,
met a boy with eyes of blue,
His eye's were full of tears,
And she didn't know what to do.

And so that farmer's daughter,
made it her goal to see if,
she could make those eyes of tears,
Clear as the morning sky.

She tried, that farmers daughter,
to tell jokes, and stories gay,
She brought him cakes and pies,
And tried to brighten his day.

Until one day the farmers daughter,
Saw the blue eyes clear of tears,
and so fast you hardly saw it,
a smile crossed his solemn face.

And now the farmers daughter,
is married to that boy so serious,
Who blue eyes are still full,
But full of joy, laughter, and love.

Ariella was a farmers daughter..."

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