Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Precious Little Girl

I wish I had a picture to show you so you could see for yourself just how adorable my precious little niece is! My brother was going to take a picture of the two of us yesterday, but the lighting was bad and we were trying to let her sleep, and the only other pictures I have of her are old.

I should back up and explain briefly that little Alex is my niece by choice and love, not by blood. Her Daddy (John) and I have been best friends for a decade, and we decided a long time ago that we might as well be brother and sister, because we're close enough :)

So why am I talking about my precious niece this morning? I spent most of yesterday at the hospital with little Alex, John, and Becca (her Mommy). Alex was running a high fever, not eating, not drinking, and really lethargic. So night before last they took her into ER, and the hospital admitted her to get her re-hydrated and run a bunch of tests.

When I got to see her, yesterday, she was already doing some better. She still looked so sick though! It was heart breaking. She was pale, barely eating, and you could tell she was miserable. Her poor Mommy and Daddy were exhausted too. I put a mask on and held her for awhile to give Mommy a break. The two of us sat and talked for a long time, and that was good for both of us.

They ran a million tests on Alex, the poor thing, they even did a spinal tap! They told me that when she came out from under the anethesia she put her hand in front of her and said "whoa," like she was totally tripping. The good news is that all the tests came back negative, so "all" she had was a really nasty virus. They pumped her full of antibiotics anyway, just to be careful, and sent everyone home so baby and parents could rest.

It's so hard seeing someone so small and tiny looking so miserable! And John, Becca, and I have all agreed that we've spent way too much time in hospitals lately. First Becca's Mom went into the hospital, then my Granny got sick, then her Mom died, then my Granny died, then John's Dad was hospitalized for a night, and now little Alex! We're all very ready for it to be done. Of course, having said that, Becca is having twins in May, so no matter what they will be back there before too long! At least that's happier circumstances :)


Meri Greenleaf said...

The poor girl! I'm glad it's just a virus, even if it's a nasty one. It could have been so much worse- thank goodness she's going to be okay!

Nayuleska said...

Hugs for you all. I'm glad she's ok.