Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Miracle :D

Miracles do happen! Kat went to the neurologist yesterday (on a random note, it's MY neurologist, which we think is awesome) and the did a bunch more scans on her brain. Guess what? Her tumor is GONE. They can see where the tumor was, there's an indent on the artery and everything, but the tumor itself is gone! We're all in shock again - but this time its good shock!

They are going to do more scans in about a week just to make sure everything is healing fine, but that's mostly to make sure that the swelling goes down. They'll continue to monitor her for awhile to make sure that nothing comes back. Yippee!!!

We don't have much more news on my Granny. They did move her to Seattle yesterday instead of having her go home for a few days, but that's probably good because we'll get answers quicker ya know? I know they did a bunch of tests yesterday - but we're still waiting for results.

On the home front....did I mention I hurt my ribs? Well, I had a really severe asthma attack on Friday and I thought that I had just coughed a few things out of place, that happens from time to time, it hurts, but I go to see the chiropractor and it gets better in a day or two.

Well, it was hurting pretty bad, but I was trying not to let that worry me. What did worry me was that when I roll over at night or when I stretch I can feel it popping. That's NOT normal. So I made to an appointment to see my chiropractor as soon as possible - that meant yesterday afternoon.

The good news is she's pretty positive I didn't break anything - but I DID manage to sprain my rib. By coughing! Isn't that impressive and crazy all at the same time? She said the popping means I strained and/or tore the ligaments around the rib, and there's a chance I tore the cartilage as well. She said its not really worth going in and getting an x-ray because the treatment is exactly the same either way - wrap my ribs and try not to cough for the next 6 weeks. Yah - that'll be interesting with my asthma.... Oh well - I'll get through this just like everything else. And besides, I have the news that Kat's tumor is GONE to keep me going!


Dori T said...

Good news about Kat. And I hope granny will get good care and be home with you for the holiday. Don't cough so hard and break something. Ouch. Bless you dear.

Nayuleska said...

That's amazing news for Kat. Yay!

Would laughing affect your ribs too?

Memories for Life said...

How wonderful about Kat! You deserve some good news right now :)
I hope the news about Granny is great as well!

Sprained ribs...oh Ruthie...you never cease to amaze me! Heal quickly :)