Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aria's Quest - Pondering

Hi! Welcome to my story - Aria's Quest. If your just joining in here's what you need to know:

Aria is a Woodland fairy on a quest in the city. She must find a human and find a way to make their lives better. Aria decided this would be easiest if she found a true believer, someone who already believed in fairies that she could easily converse with, and so the first part of her time in the city was taken up searching for one of those. She's finally found a true believer and now she's getting to know him and trying to figure out how she can help him.

If you want to read the back story just follow this link: Aria's Quest
Section 4
Getting to Know Each Other
Part 4

Aria was quiet when she got back to the apartment that night. Joey certainly had a big problem, with his sister being missing, and she was sure that finding Molly would improve his life and qualify for her quest, but what if she couldn’t do it? Joey had been in the city for a year now, and he said he’d found no trace of what happened to her. They hadn’t talked about it for very long, but long enough for Aria to know that Joey was at the point of giving up.

For the first time on her quest Aria was truly worried. She had grown fond of Joey quickly, and she would hate to get his hopes up only to have them crushed. On the other hand, how could she not try and help him? Being part of the magical world she doubtlessly had resources that he didn’t have access to. Maybe she’d be able to find leads he never could have stumbled on. Aria was sure that Robin would have contacts that could help.

Aria didn’t sleep well that night. She knew that helping Joey find Molly was the right thing to do, but she was still worried about not succeeding. That next morning she did a flying stumble into the kitchen, much earlier than normal, and collapsed down on the table.

“What’s wrong deary?” Gina asked. “You’re never up this early, and your drooping! Let me get you some coffee.”

“Thanks Gina. I’m just a little overwhelmed and I didn’t sleep well.”

“What’s going on honey? You were really quite last night too.”

“Well, you know my quest? And Joey? I figured out what he needs help with, and I’m a little scared that I won’t be able to do it.” She gave Gina a brief smile as Gina put a steaming cup of coffee down next to her, “Thanks. His sister is missing and has been for about a year. Her name is Molly. I really want to help him find her, but I’m worried that I’ll just get his hopes up and fail. I mean, this is something HUGE. It’s not like I’m helping him learn a new skill or something, this is his family, and if we don’t find her…” Aria trailed off, worry written all over her face.

Gina was quite for a minute. “Well honey, your right, if you don’t succeed it’ll be really hard, but sometimes the things that are the most worth it carry the highest prices for failure.”

“I guess that’s true. I am going to try. I’m just a little overwhelmed. This seems so much bigger than what some of my brothers and sisters had to do on their quests!”

“Don’t compare yourself to them. We each have our own destinies, and it appears that yours is wrapped up with Joey and Molly. Maybe you’ll find it easier than you thought. Or maybe you would have found their tasks harder than they sounded. Either way it doesn’t really matter. You have your task, now it’s time to perform it to the best of your ability.”

Aria gave Gina a smile. “Thanks. That helps a lot.” She took a deep breath, “Can I help you get breakfast ready for Darryl and everyone? It’s still too early for me to go meet Joey and with these butterflies in my stomach I should probably make sure I’ve eaten something first!”

“Of course deary. I’m always glad for the help!”

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"...sometimes the things that are the most worth it carry the highest prices for failure"
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