Wednesday, December 3, 2008


From time to time I'll be posting up short pieces that I've written. Since I don't have my normal internet access right now - here's an excerpt from a longer story I've been working on!  Oh, and I'm thinking of doing a serial fantasy story, posted once a week, anyone interested?

Mara wandered through the library, fingers trailing along the spines, and in a world of her own.  Books had always been a refuge for her, treasures of knowledge, and a chance to see the world through another’s eyes.  She was a frequent visitor here, and a few of the librarians even knew her by name.  It amused her to watch them try to keep a straight face when she checked out books that were from wildly different genres.  Today though, she didn’t have anything that she was looking for specifically.  She had simply come here for a place to think, but she couldn’t help but wander among the shelves, drawing comfort from the smells of paper and old inks.

A young woman hesitantly walked up to Mara, and asked, “Can I help you find something?”

Startled, Mara turned to look at the young woman in her neat plaid skirt, sensible shoes, and black button up.  Mara didn’t recognize her, she must be new here, the others had learned long ago to leave her alone because she could generally find anything that she wanted, and she thought that the search was half the fun.  Suddenly she realized that the girl was trembling slightly, but why would that be?  Then she realized that she’d been staring this whole time, with her normal calm expression, and the poor thing probably was terrified of her.  “No, thank you, I know my way around, and I like to simply look for random titles some times.”   

“Well, if you need anything…” the girl bravely offered, obviously glad for an excuse to move on.

“You’ll be the first to know.”  Mara gave her a gentle smile, “Sorry for staring, I was so lost in thought it took me a few minutes to come back to this world.”

“Um, sure, no problem.”  Giving her a befuddled look, the new girl hurried off to find some one else who needed her help, hopefully someone who would ask her a simple question, so she could just do her job, instead of being stared at like she was some sort of apparition.  It was her first day, of course things were going to feel strange, but something about that last patron had left her feeling like she didn’t know the difference between Arthur Conan Doyle and Anne McCafferey. 

Mara chuckled to herself as she resumed her walk among the shelves. One of these days her tendancy to get lost in a world no one else could see was going to get her in trouble. Suddenly she spotted and interesting book title and pulled it off the shelf to read the back cover, and once more she was lost to the world, but this time not in a realm of her own making.

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Well! Well! You are quite the writer my sweet! Keep up the great work! :)