Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Friendly Vampires

Here's a poem I wrote last summer for a creative writing course.  The assignment was to great an ode to something that most people don't praise. Well, given my interesting medical history, this was the first thing that came to mind! Oh - random note - for those who don't know - phlebotomists are those lab people who take your blog at the doctors office...

The Friendly Vampires
By Ruthie Stickney

Phlebotomists have a received a bad rap,
And how understandable that is!
Just look at them – drawing blood all day,
Like thirsty vampires their needles bite,
The blood is sucked from your veins,
Filling their glass vials with a bright ruby red.

Yet, despite the vampiric nature of their jobs,
I like my visits to the phlebotomists.
No, I’m not fond of sharply pricking needles,
But, I do appreciate the hope they offer,
These friendly vampires take my blood,
Not out of thirst, but out of curiosity.

What’s wrong with you? They want to know.
My blood becomes the key to a mystery,
That mystery known as my body.
These smiling vampires withdraw the key,
Pulling it from my body in red splendor,
And send it to the magicians who can use it.

So here’s to our friendly vampires!
To those who make their living on our blood!
May your smiles stay bright,
May your needles pierce true,
May your patients hold still,
And may you receive the praise you deserve.


uniquecommodities said...

Scaring me..LOL! You should have posted this at Halloween! :)

Anonymous said...

Agree w/UC - about posting at Halloween. What grade did you get?

I used to work in outside sales for a lab, so I worked w/a lot of phlebotomists!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Good idea! Except I didn't have this blog going back then... Aw well, there's always next year :)

And Lily - I got an "A" Duh :P