Sunday, January 30, 2011

Despicable Me – Movie Review

There is a $3 movie theater in my town that shows movies that have been out for long enough that they are no longer in the regular movie theaters. It's a great way to see movies on the big screen! Yeah, you need to wait for awhile, but it's still better than DVD, and if you bring some snacks in your purse (popcorn is expensive!) you have a cheap date.

Ok, so my cheap date is usually my brother. My hubby and I have a very different taste in movies! Love him anyway. Fortunately my brother and I have similar likes, and we occasionally have "brother-sister" dates.

When I first saw the advertisement for "Despicable Me," I thought it looked pretty funny. I love anything that takes your normal stereotypes and twists them, and the thought of a bad guy who has a soft heart? Priceless!

The movie was just as good, and better, than I had expected.

The basic concept is you have this bad guy, Gru, who wants to make a name for himself. He always has the nagging voice of his mother in the back of his head, telling him he's not good enough, and he's tried for a long time to prove her wrong. Things keep going wrong, but this time he's convinced he's got a fool proof plan, and he's going to steal the moon!

To steal the moon he needs a shrink-ray, which he steals, and is then stolen from him. His nemesis has the shrink ray and he can't find a way into his fortress/home, until he sees the orphan's that is. There are three adorable orphans selling cookies and those are apparently his nemesis' weakness.

Gru comes up with a truly evil plan that involves adopting the three little orphans. That's where everything goes wrong.

I can't really blame him for losing his heart to these orphans. They are truly adorable! Agnes, the littlest, is my favorite. She's so cute! I would adopt her and take her home any day.

I'll let you watch the movie to find out exactly what Gru's plan is, and how it all goes down. I really recommend watching it! I laughed hysterically the whole way through! In fact – insert embarrassed grin here – I laughed harder and louder than the little kids. Then again…so did my brother!

One thing that amazed me was that Gru is played by Steve Carrell. I don't usually like his acting, too crass, but he did an incredible job playing Gru! I didn't recognize his voice at all and his accent was great!


TiLT said...

That is new the go-to movie here ever since my youngest got it from Grandma/pa at Xmas...can't count how many times it has been on...LOVE IT!

fave line: "the book was accidentally destroyed maliciously" :)

Anonymous said...

I love this movie! I went with my dad over the summer. He and I have a thing about going to the Disney/Pixar movies, but this summer he was more interested in seeing Despicable Me than Toy Story 3. I think he and I had just as good a time as the kids who were in the theater with us :)

Neither of my brothers really want to do much with me (although the middle one wouldn't mind if he had to) so consider yourself lucky.

AubrieAnne said...

Ahhhh! Last summer my friends suggested that we go to the drive-in movie theater (so cool!) because this movie and Inception were playing. I figured I would sleep through the first movie and then stay up for Inception (considering the movies run from 10 to about 1;30 in the morning. Anyway, I ended up being one of the ones laughing the hardest through Desipicable Me. I think it is one of the cutest movie of 2010! (followed closely by Tangled and Ramona and Beezus.)

I LOVED it and think I will actually buy it on DVD!

BeadedTail said...

We watched this movie last weekend and it was so funny! Sometimes it's just fun to forget any stress and just laugh!