Sunday, December 7, 2008

Do YOU Buy Handmade???

I did something today that I've been thinking about for months.  Which is rather uncharacteristic for me, not the thinking part, but the taking months to make a decision! Go ahead, get all your cracks about me thinking out of your system, it's not healthy to bottle things up after all!

Today I signed the Handmade Pledge. It's something they talk a lot about on Etsy, and something that many people feel very strongly about.  The Handmade Pledge says: "I pledge to buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me."

Why did I take so long to make the decision to sign you may ask? Obviously I love handmade items, I make and sell them myself after all! Well, I wasn't too sure how practical it was. I could easily see buying handmade for things for myself and for the women I know, but I had no idea how on earth I'd buy things for the men in my life. 

I'll admit that I'm still struggling a little to find items for the men in my life, but I think that's more because they are hard to buy for then the wealth of items available out there!

As I look at today's economy, at the pinch I'm feeling, and how it's affected many of my friends, I've decided I'd much rather support an artist or crafter directly when possible, then give my money to big business.  I'll admit it's possible that I'll end up buying a few things at the store instead of on-line, but whenever and wherever I can, from now on, I'm buying handmade! Do you want to join me? If you do - I'll be reviewing some different etsy shops over the next few days that provide excellent Christmas presents for a variety of interests! Stay tuned :)


uniquecommodities said...

Way to go Ruthie! Maybe when I get a job I can make that commitment...unless of course I just give some of my jewelry for Xmas! LOL

TiLT said...

woo hoo! I think the men are a little trickier...but there are lots of fun things out hubby is getting a steampunk money clip & son may get a floppy disk pencil cup holder thingy...if you're interested I can send you the links...