Friday, September 10, 2010

Personal Entry: Following a Dream

I've dreamed for a long time about making money off of my writing skills. Now, of course, the ideal would be to get a work of fiction published, but I'm more than happy to do other writing as well. I've been thinking about doing trying to pick up some freelance work for a couple of years now, but never really had the time or the health. Well, I'm finally getting through my migraines, so I can write again! I have a lot of fiction writing I want to do, but I also really want to pursue bringing in a few dollars to the household. To that end I've signed up for and I plan on pursuing opportunities on other web-sites as well. I'm taking it one step at a time so that I don't overwhelm myself (or overwork) and I'm excited about the journey!

One of the most exciting things is that I've already had two tentative nibbles on the bids I put in yesterday, and I only bid on six jobs! Nothing concrete yet, but just getting any response is encouraging.

Next I need to focus on making sure I have good examples of my writing prepared for potential employers. Well, that's at least on the list of things I need to work on in the near future. Pretty high as well.

Now to keep from splitting myself in to many directions...

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Arlene said...

That sounds great, Ruthie! I know you can do that, and you have written a lot (in all your blogs and such). Good luck with that and I hope one of those leads pans out for you!