Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Writing ADD #17

I know - it's been two weeks since I posted one of these, but considering I didn't write much either week, I figured it would be ok to combine two weeks into one report!

So week before last:
Book Reviews: 4
Total Words: 1139

Yah - nothing exciting there eh? Oh well - it was something :)

Last week:
Book Reviews: 2
Letter's Home 2 - completed & posted.
The Stranger - In progress
Total Words: 1404

Ooo - do you see that loveliness? There is writing that's not simply a book review! Woohoo!

Letter's Home 2 is the much overdue second letter home from my D&D character, Illia, to her Mum. The sad part is that when I finally got a chance to finish it up I realized I only had about a paragraph left to finish it! Oopsie >_>

The Stranger is also a story about Illia. This one isn't connected to the actual D&D story, it's just something that I came up with this weekend. I still need to do a lot more work on it, but it's off to quite the respectable start! And the best part? I wrote it on the plane on the way home from AZ, but didn't have any writing paper, so I wrote it on a napkin and two barf bags :P

Well that's it for now - hopefully I'll get a bunch written this week!

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