Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

"Blue Bloods" is a young adult fiction about vampires, and one that takes a different approach than most. In this book there are only a finite number of vampires ever to exist, and they can choose to "die" and be "reincarnated" in new bodies. This gives them virtual immortality.

What many of the students at the highly exclusive New York school Duchesne don't realize is that many of their class mates are these reincarnated vampires. In fact, the vampires them selves don't necessarily know. They don't remember their past lives or begin to transform into their powers until they reach 16. At that point they are invited to join an exclusive "club" in the school, which in reality is a support group to help them through the transition.

Schuyler has always been an outcast at Duchesne. She doesn't dress to impress, and she's never moved in the "right circles." Yet she finds herself going through the transformation into a vampire, and getting pulled into a world she never knew existed.

Even with her transformation, though, Schuyler remains an outsider. She's different from the others, and she's not willing to blindly accept what she's told by the elders. Which means that she doesn't blindly accept their explanations of the strange deaths of several of her peers, and begins to investigate. Who hunts vampires? Especially young vampires?

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sundcarrie said...

I read this book and have two more waiting on my shelf while I liked it I picked up a few more series that I liked better. I may have to read it again before I read the next two.