Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm a Dork! And that's why you LOVE me :D

I love the fact that I'm finally getting strong enough that not only can I cook on a regular basis again...I can cook meals that have milk based ingredients in them! Woohoo! I've never made hamburger stroganoff for Mo before because I got sick so quickly after we got married, so I was a little nervous (you never know what he'll think) and to my delight - liked it! So did my dear friend La who came over last night :) Of course I didn't remember to pull the camera back out AFTER she got there. *rolls eyes* Here's dinner pictures though :)

The Main Course

The Sexy Cook

The Health Food

The Hubby is His Normal Spot

1 comment:

Meri Greenleaf said...

Hey, I recognize that sexy cook. ;) Ah, so that's what stroganoff... strogonoff... whatsit looks like!

And I guess I need to add my usual: Crickery! There's the calm and serene husband-beast in his natural environment. Quiet! Don't want him to notice our camera crew and turn on us!

... okay, yeah, I'll shut up now.