Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hell Boy II - The Golden Army

I know, I know, this came out earlier this year, but I didn't have an opportunity to see it in theater!  That's actually quite a frequent occurrence for me, and as you see me put movie reviews up, they often won't be the latest and newest thing out there.  However, I'm betting that a lot of other people are like me, and don't always get to watch things the instant they come out.  Plus I know I always like to hear other people's opinions before I decide to watch a movie! I'll try not to give any spoilers :)

My brother, husband, and I all watched Hellboy II together.  To be fair - let me give you a run down on each of our reactions.

Brother - LOVED it and laughed hysterically throughout!
Husband - Got a little fed up with the story line - but we did catch him laughing a few times.
Me - I enjoyed it, but it wasn't exactly the best movie I've ever seen.

Now let me tell you a little bit about our movie tastes to help you understand that!

Brother - Very easily amused and tends to like just about anything with action in it.
Husband - Tends to be very hard to please when it comes to movies, likes to tear them apart for their inconsistencies and how they can be done better.
Me - I'm somewhere in the middle. Not as hard to please as my husband, but no where near as easy to please as my brother!

Let me expand on my opinion of the movie.  I did think that the first movie was better and that there were times where this movie lost momentum. Having said that, there were also some priceless moments where I was laughing hysterically! There were some really good action scenes and I loved their portrayal of tooth fairies and the Troll market.  To say more would be to give things away :) I'm intrigued enough that I'll probably watch the third one that I'm
assuming they'll make.  They certainly left it open for another one!

Bottom Line: If you like the genre, you might like this movie, but don't expect quite the same quality as the first one. 

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storybeader said...

well, my DH bought it a few days ago! He loves those active packed movies. Had a hard time getting me to sit down for the first one, but I watched it - it was ok. Haven't seen this one yet!